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Tyree Family Farms

Sweetened CBD Capsules

Sweetened CBD Capsules

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Has been known to help with:
  • Pain Relief
  • Anxiety
  • Stress Relief
  • PMS
  • Smokable
  • Motivation

When to take: Sweetened can be taken day, or night. It shouldn't mess with your sleep.

How much CBD per capsule: 35mg of CBD per capsule.

How to Store: Keep in a dark, dry, and cool place.


Sweetened is our wild card of CBD capsules. Some people call it the Cheerleader but I call it Motivation. I find myself dancing down the side walk and getting more projects knocked out than normal. My wife likes it for mild pain. With 6 girls in the house we use it in conjunction with Hawaiian Haze to ward off symptoms of PMS. It is hard to make recommendations with foundational variety weighing in at 33mg per capsule.

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Why Our Hemp?

Our hemp is grown, and used on our family farm. Grown, and cared for so you can let the weight of the world off your shoulders. We take pride in what we grow, we trust in its quality, and effectiveness.