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A Little About Us

Natural products grown in the soil, nurtured by the sun, and rain, from our farm to your family. Our family uses these products daily, and can attest to the beneficial properties of all natural full spectrum CBD.

Our Capsulated Products


Each of our hemp varieties come in a veggie based capsule form.... 

  • Frosted Lime

    Frosted lime is our strongest product weighing in at almost 60mg of CBD per capsule. While we can not make claims that this product will treat or cure any specific ailments, people with symptoms related to chronic pain, neuropathy, autoimmune disease, seizures and tremors have found relief. Relief from symptoms of anxiety are found at varying levels with all of our hemp products. Frosted lime can be taken day or night for most people. It usually does not make people sleepy or keep them awake. Everyone has a different metabolism so some may find one capsule too strong

    or it may last longer than the usual 12 hours and some may need more than one capsule twice a day. As with all of our full spectrum products, they will show up positive on a drug test even though the delta 9 THC levels are below the level of quantitation.

  • Suver Haze

    Suver Haze should be nicknamed Super Z. When taken 25 minutes before bedtime you will find it clears your mind and supports restful sleep. I have personally used this one since 2019 to help adjust to working nights and sleeping days, even with 8 kids in the house I sleep like a baby and wake up feeling refreshed. Each capsule contains approximately 40mg of CBD.

  • Hawaiian Haze

    Hawaiian Haze is our number one daytime product. Mental Focus is it's nick name. All of our products seem to help alleviate anxiety but this one will keep your mind clear and focused. People who use this product have reported help with test anxiety, mental Focus and clarity. We do not recommend taking this one at night as you may solve all the world's problems in your sleep. While we do not make any claims that these products treat or cure any diseases, people have reported regulation of blood sugars while using this product.

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  • Sweetened

    Sweetened is our wild card of CBD capsules. Some people call it the Cheerleader but I call it Motivation. I find myself dancing down the side walk and getting more projects knocked out than normal. My wife likes it for mild pain. With 6 girls in the house we use it in conjunction with Hawaiian Haze to ward off symptoms of PMS. It is hard to make recommendations with foundational variety weighing in at 33mg per capsule.

  • Special Sauce

    Special sauce is for those who want to sit on the couch. It was the number one smokable CBD variety of 2022. If the weight of the world is on your shoulders, this buds for you.